Our activities ..
Recreational diving, underwater photography, marine conservation, social events, talk shows, met with the fellow divers or other divers community to share stories and experiences about the beauty of underwater Indonesia or anywhere else in the world .. and many more fun activities to come!

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Twitter: @SACmakassar 

“we are not the expert.. but WE DO SHARE”

snorkling at Badi’ island

introduce to you about the underwater world!

 Love at first sight…
Fun diving at Badi’ island.
Spermonde archipelago, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

SAC with Bull-Shark Divers Gorontalo
nice to meet U, buddies!
Fun diving at Gusung Bonebatang.
Spermonde archipelago, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

 “From Spermonde with Love”

Valentine dive 2010

SAC Female Divers with Kartika Diving Club

diving Badi’ island with Kartika Diving Club

diving trip
Kapoposang National Marine Park
Spermonde archipelago, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

with Mr. Ajie OYE from OYE Dive Adventure..

ISSA-CMAS SCUBA diving Course

Instructor: Mr. Muchsin Situju
from Spermonde Diving Center

SAC with Mr. Brendon F. Sing 
Presentation & Discussion: 
“Sharks.. Rulers of the Ocean”
Mr. Brendon F. Sing –

SAC helped Give Shark a FIGHTING Change..!

SAC with Hari Diving Club Kendari
pleased to meet U, buddies!
SAC with fellow divers
at 33th POSSI/ISSA anniversary
event Sail Banda 2010
Ambon, August 2010.
SAC with Mrs. Riyanni Djangkaru
(DiveMag’s editor in chief) &  
Mrs. Elyn Arsiana
our earth.. our home.. our future

SAC buddies give support for WWF!

SAC buddies with 
OLELE-GO UW photo contest participants
(dinner with Governor of Gorontalo)
SAC with Sileya Scuba Divers Selayar
“Old & New Year 2010-2011” dive trip
Samalona island & Kodingareng keke island, Spermonde Archipelago, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

facing the future.. dive harmony!

SAC with 
Ms. Andyani Ds (host of “Jendela Wisata”)
Mr. Purwadi H (cameraman)
from MNC-TV Jakarta
SAC female divers with 
Ms. Ria Qorina Lubis
FEMALE Divers Indonesia.
SAC Buddies with Ms. Ria Qorina Lubis (Professional Underwater Photographer/Dive Discovery Magz contributor/FEMALE Divers Indonesia).
sharing about UW photography
social event
SAC-Health Care for LANGKAI 2011
Langkai island, Spermonde achipelago.
26-27 Maret 2011.
SAC with fellow divers
at SAC-taLk sHow & UW photo gallery
“SCUBA diving is FUN & NOT expensive”
08 April 2011.
speakers: Mrs. Ellys Elfandi & Mrs. Jowvy K
SAC buddies with 
Mr. Michael Tan 
(Professional UW Photographer) 
& Mandy Sam from Malaysia
at De Luna Resto, Makassar 
Sub-Aquatic Community Makassar
nonton bareng “The Mirror Never Lies” 
at XXI PNK Mall, Makassar.
“SAC goes to Ternate
diving trip to Ternate island

dive guide: Mr. Samar Ishak
SAC goes to Raja Ampat – Papua

SCUBA Birthday Party & 
Coral Transplantation day 
Badi island, Spermonde archipelago, 
South Sulawesi.. October 4th 2009 
by Sub-Aquatic Community Makassar

Gusung Tallang Expedition (GTE) 2

SAC Makassar with  
Sileya SCUBA Divers Selayar
SAC – Silatudive trip, July 2011
at Kapoposang National Marine Park.

SAC – Dive before Ramadhan 2011
Nudieville.. Gusung island.

Silaturahmi & Buka Puasa Bersama

para pecinta bahari
Friday, August 19th 2011
@de Luna Resto & Cafe, Makassar

Organized by Sub-Aquatic Community.
Supported by de Luna Resto & Cafe.

SAC buddies with fellow participants in 
18-22 November 2011

to be continue..

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