After Eid Trip

at Samalona island..
This island is inhabited by a few families and its oval shaped area is about 300 x 600 meters, so it takes only a short stroll to see its complete coastline. Beautiful coral reefs are easily accessible from the shore of Samalona. The reef on the north (mercusuar point) & west side of the island is the best for snorkeling & diving. There are a few rooms for rent on the island. Sometimes you even can rent a whole house.
dive I: Samalona west 
dive II: mercusuar point
lets goOO
glide over..
safety stop..
Halgerda sp
Flabellina sp.
samalona west..
surface interval & lunch time
poseeeE after lunch..
si putih
nengwina & mamijowvy
commensal shrimp at starfish
2nd dive.. mercusuar point
moray eel
SAC UW photographers
Coriocella nigra
massive coral
huge barrel sponge
fish village.. @mercusuar point
reefs DIVERsity

another best diving day at Samalona island.. calm sea.. sunny day.. lots of fish, nudie, etc.. good visibility about 10-15 meters (absolutely best diving season at Spermonde) & very delicious lunch.. thanks to nengwina’s mom.. 
akhirnya basahi insang lagi setelah sebulan puasa.. 🙂

Sub-Aquatic Community, Makassar.. “we are not the expert.. but WE DO SHARE

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