FroM SpermondE with LOVE..

14 Februari 2010, kepulauan Spermonde, Sulawesi Selatan..

its Valentine day!..
dive trip valentine.. rame2 dengan buddies dari Kartika Diving Club/ KODAM Wirabuana..
dive I: pulau Badi’..
dive II: pulau Barranglompo..
sekitar 25 divers meramekan valentine dive ini..
lets spread the love atmosphere at sea..!!
the beginning..
otw to the island..

berjajar tabung-tabung..

pengarahan dari bpk. Instruktur..

FroM SperMonDe witH LOVE..

here we are..

giant step..!



lets dive..!

enjoy the coral view..

buddy system..

4 thoughts on “FroM SpermondE with LOVE..

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