SAC buddies with Ms. Ria Qorina Lubis..

Sharing with Ms. Ria Qorina Lubis (Underwater Photographer/ FEMALE Divers Indonesia)..

thanks banget2 buat mbak Ria Qorina L yang telah berkenan berbagi pengalaman & ilmu tentang dunia selam & fotografi bawah laut dengan Sub-Aquatic Community Makassar..
U R the BEST & we looking forward to dive & take a great picture with U.. b^o^d

thanks juga buat mbak Jowvy yg memungkinkan semua ini bisa terjadi..

“if you want to do more than just take a picture—like take a great picture—it still won’t matter whether you are armed with a camera kind that cost $100 or one that cost $10,000. To take a picture, all you need is a camera; to make an image, you need technique, and technique can be taught and learned. You don’t have to buy it”.
*Larry Gates,
*author of “THE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO Underwater Digital Photography”

so.. SAC buddies.. just keep learn, learn, & learn.. to make a great picture! ^.^


at Kampoeng POPSA
gathering at TATOR-MaRI

sharing & learning..


foto lageeeE.. ^^

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