Sub-Aquatic Community Makassar

Sub-Aquatic Community, is a marine life fan community, based in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. We explore South Sulawesi and Indonesia’s Sub-Aquatic marvelousness, without any bond of membership. Only bond of brotherhood, togetherness, and a same passion of Sub-Aquatic bioDIVERsity, brings us to this community. We do not offer daily dive trips, courses nor equipment for rent. However, if you are around and looking for a buddy to dive, we are very glad to arrange a trip for you. Looking for an objective review about the marvelousness of beautiful Indonesia archipelago, especially about Underwater South Sulawesi, then you are on the right track.
Dive Smart, is our slogan. Diving is about your life. We recommend a well prepared dive plan, buddy system, and a well prepared equipment in each trip.

Sub-Aquatic Community was founded by a several Sub-Aquatic fan, spending most of their weekends at the splendid Spermonde archipelago of South Sulawesi. As time passes, we discover that South Sulawesi has an enormous number of bioDIVERsity. Through Sub-Aquatic Community, we are trying to confront what Underwater South Sulawesi has. Spermonde archipelago, Kambing Island, Cape Bira, Selayar Island, are some few of what Underwater South Sulawesi can offer. We have done some surveys of under-explored South Sulawesi dive sites, social scuba diving trips, and various charitable and educational community activities.

SAC Makassar.. “we are not the expert.. but WE DO SHARE”

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